Hey it’s Shannon! Let’s take 5 minutes and get you motivated to work out! YEA BUDDY! LET’S GO!

1. Sign up for a fitness event and follow a plan to train for it. MY RACE RESULTS. I’m a competitive person, so I love to race and see how fast I can go and beat my previous times! What works for you? What gets you motivated to work out?!

2. Everything is more fun with a friend! Find a work out buddy and hold each other accountable! FOR REAL SERIOUSLY! And for those workouts that your buddy isn’t available, put together a rockin playlist! Some of my favorite workout music right now. You are already feeling more motivated to work out!

3. Set a fitness goal and attach a risk or a reward to it (whatever works better for you). The reward works great if you involve your family members in the reward, they will help you get there if they get something out of the deal! If you choose a risk, then make it something that makes you sick to think about, I’ve done this before and it always gets me motivated to work out!

4. Realize that the more you move, the better lifestyle choices you will make. It’s a lot easier to say no to the bad stuff when you are saying yes to the good stuff all the time, your body just doesn’t want it.

5. Give up your excuses NOW.


6. Find some kind of group classes that you enjoy- you will push yourself further.

7. Ask the people you know and love to support you and encourage you. Sometimes it’s hard to motivate yourself, let the people around you know that it’s important to you and they will help get you motivated to work out.

8. Just Do it. Your crying ways aren’t sexy…

8.5. Create a residual stream of income by blogging everyday

9. Just for a minute think about how much it’s costing you not to work out, realize that it’s a one-day-at-a-time process and commit to beginning today. Your word is the most important thing you have with yourself, not following through on your should’s and need to’s are costing you greatly in other areas of your life. Get your ship together in this area and watch the rest of your life whip itself into shape as well! I promise you this will happen, it’s a side benefit that makes me continue down this path, I know I can’t turn back now and I gotta keep going!!!!!

motivated to workout

10. Go get em! What are you doing still reading this?! You could have burned an extra 50 calories in the time it took you to read this you lazy a$$!!!! Get up and go put on your socks and shoes and get outside. GEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I am getting fat thinking about your not moving your butt!!! SHEESHH Come on let’s go!!!!!!

I hope this got you motivated to work out, if it did- give me a shot on twitter at @Shannon_Buckley! Woop woop!


I am curious what gives you THE MOST motivation to work out?!

Each day is a new adventure of events, work, play, rest, responsibilities, relationships and so much more…. and through it all- many people find it in them to get out there, push themselves and their limits, regardless of what else is going on in their lives!!
What does it for you?

What gives you THE MOST motivation to work out?

If you are anything like me, your motivation to work out is higher on some days than it is on others- yeah? Have you identified what the things are that drive you? Does it even matter? It does to me.

Do you care if one thing drives you more than another? As long as it gets you there? If it gets you to the gym, the field, the track, YOUR play space… everyday does it matter what your motivation to work out is?

It matters to me only because my motivation to workout affects my mental state and how I feel about myself! It’s half of the conversation that I have with myself when I feel like I’m too tired, or too stressed or I can’t do another rep.. I go back and find more power in my deepest motivations. My motivation to work out is strongest when I attach it to a HUGE, STRETCHY, SCARY, HAIRY, WILD goal that requires daily hard work, dedication and FOCUS. Recently I discovered a mechanism that I was in a position to take advantage of. I have tried many paths to try to get into shape and few approaches have gotten me as excited or given me more motivation to work out than what I discovered at MotionX Studio. MotionX Studio in Colorado Springs is unlike any other place I have come across for physical fitness. MotionX Studio is where I do my Combine360 training and various studio classes like yoga, barre and Tai chi. This, in combination with my running is creating a dynamic and well rounded approach to fitness that is keeping me excited and engaged!

I can’t say it’s just one factor that gives me my motivation to work out, I do constantly keep my spiritual wellness in mind and renew my spirit with the power of JC over and over again which keeps me tapped into a power that to me feels endless and limitless… I really enjoy that because it’s constant, it’s endlessly forgiving and I am humbled to be able to give glory to God in my life.

There are many excellent reasons to be active, the feeling that I have tapped into since taking my fitness to the next level really inspires me to reach for more greatness is every area in my life and I believe that just about anyone could give their best as I have been doing. Essentially it just comes down to showing up everyday with a beginners mindset and giving every work out the best that I have. With the incorporation of routine and discipline in my life, I have created a lifestyle that is regimented and changes are happening. Before, when I wasn’t planning ahead, it was difficult to manage myself in so many ways. There’s a quote for this…. Yes- If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Now I gotta cite that shizzle.. cuz that’s what leaders do- they credit their sources. Hmmm I couldn’t find it- So that quote totally belongs to someone else and whoever knows who that person is, please do share! Thanks

One of the biggest benefits to planning ahead is that you can repeat things and make small adjustments and when you do so- you can actually tell a difference. Sound awesome? Yeah. It is.

I invite you to please continue to read my blog about workout motivation- I completed a very powerful leadership course in May of this year and I’m experiencing life in a way that I never have before. Living more authentically, powerfully, successfully and abundantly than ever before….

Oh I could go on and on, but we are done for tonight. Except one tiny little last thing- I invite you to consider what you would make time for if you had more energy.  Believe it or not, working out 6 days a week allows me to get more done than if I didn’t work out.  I make the time to blog daily because eventually this will create a path to financial freedom.  If this sounds like something you would like to do, I invite you to put in your information and watch the info HERE.


Have a great day! Thanks for reading about some of my motivation to work out!

I would say that Combine360 training is one of the best workouts for women available right now.

As a woman I can relate to many of the benefits that I am getting from Combine360 training that I have not gotten before.

workouts for women

Combine360. offers many workouts for women and men as well through the monthly training plans. I don’t currently know much about the details of the program though- I just do what the coach tells me to do!  It is similar to a group strength training and performance class. Like the Nike campaign has been saying “Everyone is an athlete”

1. Combine360. makes people stronger by building muscle. We do a lot of strength training exercises that I have always been too intimidated to try on my own at a traditional gym.

2. Combine360. will help you build muscle groups that you would not build by just doing cardio or yoga.  It will get your entire body into shape as opposed to just parts of it.

3. Workouts for women can be a little bit wussy sometimes.  Combine360. will make you sweat your face off and push yourself past your edge.  There is nothing wussy about it!  Plus, the coaches/trainers give you tips along the way to make your form better and with practice you improve.

4. I have reduced my hip size by 2.5 inches in 2 months of doing Combine360. along with getting better about what I eat.

5. The transformation is from movement and creates shifts in other areas of life.  I believe this is more powerful than trying to change the way you eat with out a challenging exercise plan.

Yes, there are more quality reasons below about why Combine360. is an awesome workouts for women!

6. Speaking of challenging, this type of strength and agility training is more challenging than any other workouts for women I have tried and now I feel and look SO GOOD!!

7. You make new friends and cheer each other on.

8. You compete against your new “friends”.  This aspect helps me push myself further than I usually would if I was working out alone.

9. When you choose Combine360. as a way to get in shape, you can continue to push yourself with out limitation.  This training can turn a person into a very proficient athlete!  Not many workouts for women can do all the things that Combine360. can, it’s a very comprehensive and dynamic approach resulting in pure awesomeness!

10.  One of the things I enjoy most about Combine360. is the 360 degree approach. Before I started doing this workout I would be strong in some areas and weak in others.  Now I am much stronger overall and I have also taken 5 minutes off my 5k time in just three months of Combine360 and running training!

You know what pumps me up besides Combine360 training?  Blogging as an additional stream of income!  How does that sound to you?  Want the best internet marketing education on the web?  Click HERE and get on board-  You won’t regret it ;)

Sometimes I ask my trainer to play some Pitbull while we work out! Pitbull pumps me up!! He went from negative to positive… just like me!  Here are some of my other favorite songs to work out to right now! :)



Combine360. will bring out a tougher, stronger, more beautiful version of you that you may not have realize existed.

I put Combine360 in my top ten list of workouts for women!



I enjoying moving and sweating to workout music!

I think almost everyone I know would rather work out with music than not. In fact.. Last night.. a DJ saved my life! No seriously, it was a Tuesday in Colorado Springs… So maybe, last night a streaming podcast DJ saved my life.. yeah that’s more like it. Let’s talk about workout music!

workout music
What are some of your favorite artists you like to listen to when you are working out?

I like running and doing cardio to music that has a good beat, that’s the most important thing to me. I also enjoy using contemporary Christian rock for my workout music too. I find it gives my spirit a lot of strength and power and sometimes I get in a really nice groove that way! Some of my favorite hip hop and dance songs to workout to right now are:

Pitbull “International Love”

Inna “Hot” (Play & Win Remix)

Gym Class Heroes: The Fighter ft. Ryan Tedder

Calvin Harris feat. Ne-Yo “Let’s Go”

People want to make all these jokes and cupcakes and bacon and shit.. that’s not how these people in videos and movies keep their bodies. Just so you know. It’s done with effort, dedication, hard work, sweat and focus. The biggest thing I’m trippin out on lately is that the strongest motivation I have found is making me into the best version of myself for me, and my creator…. no other motivation comes close…. Where do you find your exercise motivation?

Thanks for reading about some of my favorite workout music right now.

Stay tuned I am always listening to internet radio and finding new music to download! One of the ways I am able to justify spending time online finding new and fun things to share with others is because I actually get traffic to my website and have a good following because of this blog. Basically it is optimized automatically in ways that I could never figure out on my own, just by paying a monthly subscription I am able to get much higher rankings in search engines than I ever could on my own. I’ve been blogging since early 2009 and this is the best thing I’ve found for internet marketing training! It’s fun, you ought to give it a shot if you like blogging everyday like I do. Click HERE to learn more rockstar.

I always love finding new workout music so please share with me what you like. I like to have a big playlist of songs I buy from iTunes and then sometimes I just listen to Pandora radio.. but that station is so full of ads that I like to change things up! Now I’m fired up for my routine! Let’s go! I’m headed out the door with my workout music on!


Where do you find your exercise motivation?

Do you give much thought to external vs. internal motivation? I have been spending a little more time reflecting on this topic since I became much more committed to transforming my body than I have ever been in the past. Essentially what happened is my desire to create some exceptional athletic performance has been translated into a commitment and now it’s actually playing out as a reality where I am taking action! Pretty exciting right?! Since the beginning of June I’ve been working very diligently to make a change and if you have ever set out to really make a big change in your body, you know it’s a lot of work and that ultimately you are the one who is mostly responsible for finding your exercise motivation. No one can do it for you.

I am happy to say that implementing a rigid structure in my life has actually been highly supportive towards reaching these goals that I have made for myself. As a bit of a wild child and a rebel against the “norm”, it’s a little hard for me to say that- it really is true though. I am more grateful for my evenings and weekends and free-time now since beginning a full-time job in May. I spend 1.5-3 hours a day moving and I really make the most of it and I come across things at work that give me exercise motivation and I come across things during my workouts that give me work motivation. It all ties together of course.

With the ups and downs that come with work, personal lives, exercise, world events… all of these things, I believe it is so important to tap into a source that provides you with constant exercise motivation. If your exercise motivation is hinging on some external satisfactions then you may find yourself like a see-saw: up, down and all over the place. You know how obnoxious that might be to others- it’s even more obnoxious to be in a relationship with yourself because you can’t figure out why your follow through is so poor and you change your mind like the weather. I speak from experience here, I just recently have been able to shift to 100% committed in my life in a way where it is infiltrating into all the different areas! What would that 100% commitment look like for you? A 100% commitment to getting done the things that you want to complete REGARDLESS of what gets in your way?

I suggest that you fall in love with the inner satisfactions that come from all of the benefits of working out- lowered blood pressure, more peace of mind, better sleep, more energy, positive attitude, improved body composition, appreciation for nature, increased mental fortitude, more confidence, measurable results, etc. etc, etc…. I mean- how long could this list really go on for? I would think a very long time. I will describe my process of finding my true exercise motivation this summer and maybe it will inspire you and you will also get a clearer image of what I’m talking about.

I ran a 5k race on 4/8/12 just for fun, my time 30:13. About a week later I began trying out a new gym and for the next 6 weeks I trained about 4 days a week there rather casually, just seeing about looking and feeling better.. for myself and for others. I registered for another race scheduled for memorial day weekend. Well, I ran that race and took 45 seconds off my time with out having been doing much running training at all. So I got to talking with the owner of the gym and she suggested that I take things more seriously- she said that I have the body for it, I just needed to train more and spend more time running (that’s the short version). In fact, she believed in me so much that she asked me if I would be willing to wear a shirt that had the gym logo and talk with other people at races about her gym. I agreed and began going down this road.

This beginning phase was where the biggest realization took place as she offered me a training plan and my first look at it, there was more running on it than I had done in years. I thought to myself- cute! of course I want to wear the shirt with the logo on it…. and at the root of that is WORK. Good, old fashioned, one foot in front of the other, WORK.  This was just the beginning of an inward journey that continues to get more and more intimate.

exercise motivation

And it hit me, oh yeah- if I’m going to be “sponsored” for running, I guess that means I gotta run! So the external thing looks good every few weeks at a race and what’s going on every single day is what makes it possible to have that opportunity to represent someone or something. This is part of what gives me my exercise motivation, also I find it very exciting that I have learned how to sp0nsor myself for writing which is something I really enjoy as well. If you like to write and would enjoy making a business out of it- I suggest you check out the information here. Otherwise, just keep reading :)

I like to write about my exercise motivation because I’m having daily revelations within my commitment to myself and pushing myself beyond my previous limits. I am finding new limits and I know that I must keep going- there is just no way I can turn around and go back. As external situations are always changing and with out fail, we get disappointed- the most reliable place I can go to in order to find that drive is deep down inside me. I connect to the pure beauty of just being able to move my body elegantly and push myself a little further today than I did yesterday. Please leave comments about your exercise motivation!

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